There is a growing consensus that “America” has been lost and we need to be found.
This is coming from the right as the loss of “family values.” The family unit has been replaced with the corporate unit. Rampant globalization churned through the heartland, sorting out intellectuals to bigger cities for service jobs, and shipping manual labor overseas. The old style of a life of labor that could support a family with dignity no longer exists. The old deal, “Work hard and be rewarded,” is now, “Work hard and get exploited.” The new mandate for a good life is the college degree, and the old truth that you did not have to be an intellectual elite to participate, changed.
This sense of being lost is also coming from the left. As the guardians of the intellectual discussion, the left has continually proven to be surprised that the future is not a simplistic utopia, but seemingly more Olive Gardens, iPhones, and UFC matches. None of those things are bad, just not the basis for a society, and far cry from the optimistic ‘dreams of tomorrow’ showcased in the 1950’s. Instead, we are left with a sense of wanting something more. What happened, this is not a Utopia. ...

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