I was working in an art collection where a computer controlled chandelier broke down. The old computer controller needed to be replaced as it was loud and bulky, and when we replaced the system with a smaller computer inside the wall, the Curator was shocked to see us open the wall with a razor blade and a hammer. To open dry-wall you don’t need some special tool, you need a razor blade, a hammer, enough grit to do the job, and the skill to put it back together.
For this type of work, you can’t get bothered by doing monotonous, routine tasks, over and over again. You have to “man up” and do the work. Mike Rowe has become an unofficial spokesman for this old-right mindset. The type of work highlighted on Dirty Jobs is hard physical labor, and while a significant amount of nuance and skill is required, the amount of time spent on labor far exceeds the amount of time spent on planning the task.
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